AA. Large Square Basket 18" x 18" x 6.5"

Large Hand Woven Basket in many colors covered with Black. I hand dye basket reed in a very intense dye bath to get bright, vivid colors and really dark black. This basket measures 18" square and about 8" high. The round opening is about 16 1/2" in diameter. This basket has lots of colors. Picture #4 shows them well. There are reds and yellows, greens and blues, purple and pink, oranges and more covered with black. The rim is double lashed. Basket is signed and dated This is a nice size basket for almost any room. It can hold a small throw or look great on the mantel. Stuffed toys or books in the kids room. Magazines or knitting in the family room or mittens and hats in the mud room. There are other sizes of this color combination listed. Hope you enjoy the baskets!
AA. Large Square Basket 18" x 18" x  6.5"
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